Brain Break

Hi friends.

This week, I shipped off a new, three-months-in-the-making draft to various concerned parties. I felt a sense of relief, and that was it. I had already squeezed every last ounce of catharsis out of the experience. By the end, I was just doing my job.

All photos taken at Shannon Stewart’s “Involuntary Park” show at the Front Gallery.

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to write a book in the past year and didn’t just spend it sobbing in a corner instead. And the answer is always that this is my job and lots of other people did their job this year, too, so I don’t get to check out completely just because I feel sad or overwhelmed — although I did a few times, and that was OK, too. But truly, I was lucky to be strong and healthy. I was able to keep going to the finish line.

(Counterpoint: Melissa Febos has an affecting and thoughtful thread on how we pressure ourselves to work through pain here, and the downsides of it. We hope Melissa feels better soon.)

For me, the end result of working through it is that I have no words left for you this week as I used up all the inspiration on myself.

The brain is broke, friends. But it will return soon enough. I just need a little recharge.

For now, I will suggest a few things for you to consume:

This conversation between Robert Jones, Jr and Kiese Laymon in honor of the launch of his book The Prophets.

This conversation between Maris Kreizman and George Saunders in honor of his new book A Swim in a Pond in the Rain.

Ladee Hubbard’s latest novel, The Rib King.

Dantiel W. Moniz’s debut story collection, Milk Blood Heat, which is technically out February 2, but I heard pre-orders are showing up early.

Ted Lasso.

You could also pre-order a few books:

Kristen Arnett’s second novel, With Teeth.

Melissa Febos’s new essay collection, Girlhood.

Elissa Watusha’s new essay collection, White Magic.

And now, I’m going to take a nice long walk today. I’ll see y’all soon.


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