Day 1 of #1000wordsofsummer 2018

Good day, friends.

Today is the day you will write one thousand words. You will do this for two weeks straight. At the end you will have approximately fifty-six pages. This is close to one-fifth of a book.

Perhaps you've never written a book before and this is your first time trying something like this. I am here to tell you 1/5th of a book means a lot.

Or perhaps you’re an old pro just looking for a little support. Then you know one-fifth of a book is the beginning of something big, or it can be an important push to the grand finale.

Maybe one thousand words is out of your reach, and you only have time for five hundred words a day. Life gets in the way of art sometimes. Don't lose heart or focus. You will not regret having written just seven thousand words these next two weeks. I promise you that even twenty-three pages is goddamn gold.

In the next two weeks I'll be offering up daily advice, either from me or from one of my writer friends. Today I will tell you this:

My favorite mind trick for both fiction and creative non-fiction writing is to pretend I'm gossiping about the people/characters I'm writing about. I imagine I'm standing in the center of a group of people at a party who I am trying to impress with my storytelling and wit. So I better be interesting as hell.

I have to go write my own words now for the day. Here is my process: I walk the dog for a while and clear my head. Then I drink a cup of coffee and read a good book for half an hour or so. And then I handwrite for an hour straight. After that, I type up what I’ve written, editing as I go, adding in new moments here and there. This usually takes a few hours. And at the end of that time, I usually have one thousand words. If I don’t, I go back to the handwriting. I don’t stop until I’ve hit that number.

I wish you good luck today. Feel free to use #1000wordsofsummer to let me know your word count at the end of the day. I am cheering you on in your writing. I am glad we can use the internet to support each other and channel our creativity.  I can't wait to see what happens next.

You got this,