Day 10 of #1000wordsofsummer 2018

Hello friends,

Today you will write 1000 words.

Maybe you are feeling fatigued. It's been ten days. If you think you can't continue, I am here to tell you that you can. Ten thousand words is already so many words. You have amassed a fortune in such a short time. And you're just about to hit your sweet spot. You're just about to see some truths revealed. The work will pay off. 

This is your damn project. Love it, and own it.

Today's guest contributor is Meg Wolitzer, author of many books, including THE INTERESTINGS and THE FEMALE PERSUASION, both of which were massive bestsellers. She is also a role model to many. I think of her often when I am seeking the determination and focus to continue. ("What would Meg do," is a question I have seriously asked myself in the past!) I found today's advice from her extremely relevant as we hit the home stretch of this project.

"One of the things that can happen when you’re writing a novel is that you forget how excited you were in the very beginning, when everything seemed possible. You lose that initial flush of love, and all the writing prompts in the world won’t always bring it back. Sometimes you can sort of back into that feeling not through your own work, but through someone else’s. What I try to do when bleakness and indifference descend is to find a passage in someone else’s fiction—in a book I have loved—that I feel sure the writer was excited about when he or she wrote it. Exciting and excited fiction can itself excite you. Then you just watch the flames jump from that book to yours, and it just might be enough."