Day 2 of #1000wordsofsummer 2018

Good morning friends,

Today you will write another 1000 words. You did it yesterday, and you can do it again today.

I heard from a lot of people that it was a productive first day and that pleases me more than you will ever know. Your energy is so, so good. If you're feeling a little low during the day, do check out the #1000wordsofsummer hashtag on both twitter and instagram.

I write to you this morning at 6 AM with a cup of coffee in hand, and a list of things I would like to write today, which I threw together last night after I finished my work. I like to set myself up for success the night before. It makes me feel more secure in the morning, and excited to start the day.

Yesterday I wrote 2112 words which feels nuts to me, but things kept evolving. One interesting thing that popped up in my draft: a character mentions receiving letters from another character, which I wasn't aware of before. Now I actually get to write those letters. I'm not even sure if I'll use them. But I think it will be an excellent exercise for me to get to know this character's voice further.

I asked a few writer friends to share their thoughts on creativity and productivity over the next two weeks, and first up is Megan Abbott, who has written many novels, including DARE ME, and THE FEVER, both of which are being developed for television. She was also a staff writer for THE DEUCE. In addition, she is widely beloved among her fellow writers as being a real gem of a human being.

Her new book, GIVE ME YOUR HAND, comes out July 17, and it is highly anticipated. Here's Megan:

“Write badly. Give yourself permission to write badly. Say to yourself: I’m going to write the worst 1,000 words ever put to paper.
Write crazy stuff. Give yourself permission to write crazy stuff. Say to yourself: I’m going to write the craziest 1,000 words ever put to paper.
Write before you’re really awake. Give yourself permission to write when you’re in that bleary dawn fog when your dreams are still mingling with your waking life. Say to yourself: I’m going to write from that dim place in my head that I still have access to when I just wake up.
Say to yourself: before even coffee.”

I hope you all have a successful day. I'm proud of you for working on a Saturday. Let’s all finish by noon so we can go outside and enjoy a little sunshine today.

Get to it,