Day 4 of #1000wordsofsummer 2018

Good morning friends,

Today you will write 1000 words.

You will do it for the people in your life who support you and believe in you. Of course you are doing it for yourself. Of course. You can only do it for yourself, first and foremost. But I have seen some lovely #1000wordsofsummer tweets from people who are grateful for assistance that has been provided to them by their loved ones, so they can have the time and space to write. Let's write today with respect for the people who have believed in us in the past and who believe in us now. It could be a teacher or a partner or a best friend. Someone out there is waiting to read what you have written.

Yesterday I meant to take the ferry to Algiers for research but I ran out of time because my book broke again, for something like the third or fourth time, and by that I mean it became suddenly clear that that the structure of the book would need to be different for it to work properly. "Let the story tell it the way the story wants to tell it," I wrote in my notebook. Some chapters had to be broken into parts, and new introductions will have to be written. But I think it will be better now. I hope so.

Anyway, I did have a moment to bike to the casino, where I have set one scene. In my experience all casinos are the same, but I had never stepped foot in this one, and I thought it would be lazy of me if I didn't at least take a look to see if I could find one tiny detail for the book. And wouldn't you know it, I saw it straightaway: a Fleur-de-lis on the back of each chair in the building. One detail is all you need to make you feel like you're in the room.

Today's words of encouragement come from Lauren Groff, brilliant writer, generous human being, and truly one of our shining stars in the literary world. Lauren is of course the author of the best-selling FATES AND FURIES, as well as several other books, including her latest story collection, FLORIDA, for which she is now on tour. Go see her and say hi.

"Sometimes you get lucky and your work stalks you like a tiger, and all you have to do is to stand there and let it leap on you. Most of the time, though, the work is shy. You have to show up day after day, in silence and patience and hope, and try your best, and it will only show a twitching nose or a whisker before fleeing away from your hand. You'll be left a bunch of words that you know you'll destroy the next day. Don't worry. The fact that you show up is enough. Your faith and gentleness will coax that brilliant piece out someday, and when it arrives, it will give back to you all of the love that you've given to it."

Stop reading this and get to work,