Day 9 of #1000wordsofsummer 2019

Hello friends,

Today you will write 1000 words. Do it out of love and admiration for the art of writing. Write to honor what books and newspapers and magazines and cinema and television and theater accomplishes all around us. Think about how the written word manifests itself, and what that has meant to you - and others - before. Consider how it has changed your life, altered your world. Write 1000 words today purely out of respect.

Josh Gondelman is one of the funniest people I know, who also has the most awards. He earned two Peabody Awards, three Emmy awards, and two WGA Awards for his work as a writer on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." Now he’s a writer and producer on "Desus and Mero" on Showtime, as well a standup comedian with two blazingly hilarious comedy albums. He also has a beautiful old lady pug named Bizzy, who I basically consider my flesh and blood. His second book, Nice Try, a collection of humorous personal stories, will be published in September.

“I always joke to my brilliant wife Maris that I am the King of ‘Good Enough.’ I'm an absolute expert at barfing out fast, sloppy, that's-fine-for-now first draft copy. In the long run, my occasional proclivity towards leaving serviceable but not quite right prose on the page occasionally bites me in the ass. But far more often, my keyboard mashing is an asset. It sends my work in the generally right direction, or it lets me know -- on re-reading -- that I'm off in the wilderness and need to reorient. And no one ever has to know the content of your hasty scribbles. What happens in first drafts stays in first drafts...unless it's worth saving for a final version. It's far more useful to have a big pile of maybe than the hypothetical perfect arrangement of sentences that you're certain you'll eventually shake out of your head if you just pound it long enough like a Heinz ketchup bottle. All that is to say, at least for the duration of this 1,000 Words of Summer project, I encourage you to embrace your inner Good Enough.”

Before I send you off to write today, I wanted to let you know that my seventh novel, All This Could Be Yours, will be published this October. The most crucial thing you can do to support an author is pre-order a book. To that end, I’m doing a special offer with beloved indie bookstore Books are Magic where I will write you a postcard from New Orleans along with the book. You can read more about that and buy the book here. Your pre-order would mean the world to me, and I appreciate you considering it.

Write hard,