Know Your Skills

Hi friends.

I was just sitting here thinking about all of you and just wanted to send a quick note to take you into the weekend. I have been musing about knowing yourself, what your skills are, where you really shine. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I thought it might be helpful to hear it again.

When you have the time, I want you to contemplate all the things you’re best at in your work, the areas where you feel most confident and free, when you’re having the best time, and there is an ease and flow to it all. And possibly you’ve gotten feedback in these areas before, a reader or a teacher or a friend has noticed you’re good at something. And that little pat on the head has meant a lot to you.

Make a list, if you like. Maybe it’s dialogue. Maybe you’ve got a character you’ve really nailed, they’re loose and funny and you like spending time with them. (Sometimes it’s not even your main character, it can be someone hanging out in the corners of your story.) Maybe you’re good at sad, sweet moments. Maybe you write beautiful, long sentences. Maybe you write amazing sex scenes.

Now I want you to spend the writing time you have one day just leaning into that sweet spot. Let yourself fly and succeed and feel great about yourself and write the thing that satisfies a specific urge to be unquestionably your best. Don’t hammer away, don’t tinker, don’t struggle for the moment. For just one day give yourself a little gift of easy success and see what comes out of it.

What I wish you for these next few days - and beyond - is that within all the hard work you are still finding joy and pleasure in yourself and your words and ideas.

Be well,