one week till #1000wordsofsummer 2018 begins

Hi friends,

This is your reminder that in one week you'll be writing one thousand words a day, every day, for two weeks straight. Get goddamn excited.

Things you can do to prep:

  • Buy yourself a new notebook or pen. I've been using a dotted moleskine for the new book, which I've never done before, and I've found it invigorating. Ask a friend to recommend a favorite pen to you. Linger in the stationery store for a while.

  • Identify the space where you want to write. Is it the corner table at a sunlit cafe absolutely nowhere near your neighborhood? Is it a hidden room on the second floor of your local public library? Decide what kind of environment is going to work best for you, and picture yourself going there and working.

  • Read an amazing book in the next week. I'm talking about one that you aspire to write. Frankly, nothing drives me more than seeing someone else be better than I am at what I do.

  • Figure out what you want to write. Are you starting a new project? Are you finishing up that novel that's been lingering on your desktop for a year? Do you just want to write letters to friends and family members every day to tell them about your life/thoughts/feelings? Don't just show up the first day and expect the magic to flow. Get your head in the game beforehand. Live with it for a week. Starting now.

I'll be sending out another email next Friday. Have a gorgeous weekend. I'll be thinking of you.