"You just sort of have to keep going through your project until you get to the end of it all. There is actually always an end to a story, one way or another. I do believe that. That if you keep writing, eventually the ending will surface for you, and you will have been able to give yourself everything you need to get yourself there. All of a sudden, that last line, the last edit, or the last word you need shows up, like a goddamn poem. One step in one direction. And then you know you’re done."

And...that's why I will subscribe to you forever. Thank you for that.

(I'm trying to finish something, and feeling like it will never end....)

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Great timing! My self imposed deadline is nearly here and I’ve been very dedicated to working on finishing final edits. Yesterday a perfect new ending surfaced. Like a poem💕 Thanks for your encouragement Jami and good luck with all your projects. Ps love the photos you include in posts.

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Copyedits are such a fun stage—maybe just to me, because I'm a content/structural editor. But I love the opportunity to find, as one of my authors once said, a "more felicitous phraseology" here and there.

My 5-star review of 1000 Words is on NetGalley (also on my Substack ages ago) and will be posted on Amazon on your pub date. I think the book is going to be a hit, and also very much needed/useful.

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